Understanding the Role of Chromatography in Cannabis Testing

The Importance of Cannabis Testing and Analysis

As the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana continues to expand, the cannabis industry faces heightened scrutiny and regulatory requirements. Each country and state has its own specific regulations governing cannabis and cannabis-infused products. For instance, in the state of California, strict testing standards are imposed to ensure product safety and quality.1

California mandates comprehensive testing of cannabis and cannabis-infused products, covering a wide range of parameters. These include testing for cannabinoids, pesticides, residual solvents, terpenes and more. These rigorous testing protocols are in place to guarantee that products meet the necessary standards and are safe for consumption.1

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The implementation of these regulatory requirements has sparked a need for analytical techniques that can effectively meet the stringent standards. To fulfil this demand, two prominent techniques have emerged as reliable solutions: gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC). These techniques have proven to be instrumental in meeting the regulatory demands placed on cannabis and cannabis-infused products. GC and LC offer robust and versatile platforms for accurate analysis, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and providing valuable insights into the composition and quality of cannabis products.1

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Liquid chromatography has emerged as the preferred technique for analyzing cannabinoids, potency testing, mycotoxins, and pesticides in the cannabis industry. On the other hand, gas chromatography has established itself as the industry standard for analyzing residual solvents and terpenes. These two techniques complement each other, providing comprehensive analytical capabilities to meet the diverse testing needs of the cannabis industry.1

Chromatography Cannabis Testing Areas


CBD Potency Testing in Cannabis Testing.

Cannabis and CBD potency testing ensures safe products, accurate labelling, and compliance with regulations. It verifies strength, aids in proper dosing, identifies contaminants, and maintains industry integrity.

For full details on cannabis potency testing download our application notes: Cannabis Potency by GC-FID / Cannabis Potency by GC-MS

Terpene Profiling

Terpene testing assesses cannabis quality by analysing unique profiles. Genetic modifications create distinct tastes, aromas, and effects. Precise terpene labelling empowers customers with ingredient knowledge for informed decisions and anticipating product experiences.

Read our application notes on the topic: Determination of Terpenes in Cannabis by GC-FID / Determination of Terpenes in Cannabis by GC SQMS

Residual Solvents

Residual solvent analysis is vital in cannabis testing as solvents used for extraction leave traces that can be harmful if consumed. Ensuring the absence of these solvents is crucial for product safety.

Learn how GC is used to ensure the absence of solvents in our blog article: How Gas Chromatography Can Help Ensure Safe Cannabis Consumption.

THC in Blood

Cannabis Testing and Analysis Using Cannabis Lab Equipment.

To ensure road safety, law enforcement administers saliva screening tests for cannabinoids in suspected impaired drivers. Positive results require confirmation through blood sample analysis using Gas Chromatography, detecting drug presence and levels.

Discover how GC detects the optimal quantification of THC in blood our application note: Optimal Quantification of THC in Blood.

Cannabis Lab Equipment from SCION

SCION Instruments is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation designed specifically for cannabis and cannabis-derived product analyses. Our comprehensive product range caters to the diverse needs of potency, quality, and safety testing.

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At the forefront of our cannabis testing equipment offerings for your lab are the highly versatile SCION 8300 GC and 8500 GC, which serve as the cornerstone instruments for many cannabis analyses. These GC systems can be easily configured with a variety of sampling devices and detectors, including both single and triple quadrupole mass spectrometers (8700 SQ MS and 8900 TQ MS). With this flexibility, you can customize your instrument setup to suit the specific requirements of your cannabis testing applications.

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In addition to our GC solutions, we proudly present the SCION LC6000, which complements our product range and provides a complete solution for all your cannabis testing needs. This high-performance liquid chromatography system is meticulously designed to deliver precise and reliable results, ensuring accurate potency, quality, and safety assessment.

With SCION Instruments, you can have full confidence in our state-of-the-art instrumentation, expertly crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the cannabis industry. We are dedicated to empowering laboratories with the tools they need to achieve accurate, efficient, and compliant cannabis testing. Experience the power of our comprehensive solutions and elevate your cannabis lab testing equipment with SCION Instruments.

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