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Custom GC Solutions

Custom GC Solutions

Bespoke systems – fully set up and designed to meet your specific needs

SCION has been working closely with customers to deliver customization solutions for many years, across a wide range of industries all with varying needs.
Our pedigree in delivering custom GC solutions dates back to our Varian legacy – stretching back 25 years. Also, we manufacture our Gas Chromatography instruments at our headquarters in Netherlands, so we have full control over system design and integration. Here we have dedicated resources with extensive experience and expertise in designing and producing Custom GC Solutions to meet specific analytical requirements.

Working with us will accelerate the specification and development of your specific GC system, saving you time and money.

Turn-Key Solutions

We offer two Turn-Key Solutions to meet your specific analytical needs:

Standard Method GC Systems

Our Standard Method GC Systems are delivered with the method developed and validated enabling for a simple installation and immediate use, enhancing productivity and providing confidence in results from the first injection.

Custom GC Solutions

When a Standard Method Compliant GC System does not meet specific needs, or if you need something completely different, SCION can work with you to specify and produce a Custom GC Solution, including:

  • Custom GC Solutions to meet the needs of different industries
  • Custom GC Systems that are configured and tested per specific customer requirements
  • Configuration provided via custom factory modification
  • Complete performance testing performed by factory in accordance with customers’ request
  • No need for you to do method development/optimisation (optional service)
  • No setting up a new system with columns for the first time or making an application.
  • You get the system fully set up and designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Making it easy to use and robust

Why choose a Custom GC Solution ?

There are many circumstances when choosing a Custom GC Solution can prove to be the best investment choice for your laboratory.

For example, a custom measurement solution could:

  • Provide you with a fully pre-configured system ready to meet your specific needs
    • Saving you time and money, and giving you an easy to use robust solution
  • Provide the full method, designed and tested for you:
    • Saving you time and money, delivering the accuracy and repeatability your require
  • Give you optimised analysis times:
    • Saving you time and money, and achieving greater throughput
  • Provide automated injection and /or backflushing:
    • Better repeatability of results; protection of columns and detection systems
  • Deliver multiple applications in one Custom-GC:
    • Less laboratory space needed, lower cost
  • Provide you with automated analysis:
    • Simplifying and speeding up the analysis process
  • Be ideal if your samples are difficult, or dangerous to handle:
    • Example: toxic/ pressurized gas samples


Ultimately reducing your cost per analysis

Typical Additional Value

  • Simple set-up for easy operation and maintenance
  • Analysis with GC method / method development
  • Full solution documentation provided, including tuning manual and trouble shooting
  • Pre-installation requirements satisfied
  • Test results provided
  • All drawings included
  • Demonstrated analysis with set standards and the option of testing with your own samples on your system as part of the factory acceptance procedure *

* requires prior agreement and specification in the custom configuration proposal

The Customisation Process

SCION Instruments have designed and delivered Custom GC Solutions for customers worldwide. We have the ISO 9001 Quality Management processes in place to ensure a smooth project, with highly experience technical sales and a dedicated custom solutions engineering department located at our manufacturing headquarters in Goes, Netherlands.

Building on our world class SCION GC platforms (8300 GC & 8500 GC), we will work with you to configure and deliver a solution for your exact needs.

So, how do you work with us, and what does the process look like ?

  • Describe your samples and analytical objectives to us
    • You can start the process now by completing the Custom GC Solution specification form on
    • Working with your sales specialist, we will help you further define your specific analytical requirements
  • We will then propose a custom system design (including testing requirements), tailored to your specific needs
  • The Custom Configuration Proposal will include a quotation, system configuration, parts listing, a description of the Demonstrated Analysis that needs to be developed, and timescales for delivery and installation
  • When the proposal is accepted we will build a system to meet your objectives
  • To complete your Custom GC Solution (if required) we can also develop your method and demonstrate the performance according to your specifications prior to shipment
  • Optional factory acceptance testing where you can visit the factory to see your system performing in the factory before it gets shipped
  • We arrange shipping of your Custom GC Solution, installation, and any onsite validation (meeting any customer specific analysis requirements)
  • We can also train your staff on your new Custom Measurement GC Solution and methods

Example Custom Solutions

Over the years our specialists have been innovating and creating new solutions for upcoming analysis challenges. Here are just some examples of Custom GC Solutions we have successfully provided to previous customers:

  • Gas purity analysis: sub ppm level determination of permanent gases in high purity hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, food-grade carbon dioxide etc
  • Extreme low level (ppt) determination using SPT; environmental applications
  • Sample storage/analysis using multi-stream-selectors
  • Ammonia analysis
  • Chlorine analysis
  • Sour gas analysis systems