Sensitivity, Accuracy and Compliance counts

Ensuring food safety

Scion, has more than 30 years’ experience in providing analytical tools to ensure food safety. Pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides and fungicides, natural toxins and veterinary drugs are willingly or unwillingly given to many base materials of foodstuff. Additionally components to ensure taste, color and increase of shelf life are added. All these chemicals are regulated by law and Scion’s products play a significant role in testing for these compounds to ensure they are below the levels considered safe.

There are currently over 1000 different substances that are regulated by different organizations around the world providing a dynamic and challenging set of criteria for all food-testing laboratories. Scion’s GC and GC-MS instruments combined with dedicated analysis and reporting software make these analyses turnkey.

Our solutions for Food


The SCION Single Quadrupole (SQ) GC-MS instruments are designed for today’s fast paced analytical laboratory.

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CompassCDS is a powerful and operator friendly chromatography data system used by thousands of users around the world that brings our customer’s experience also to your desktop.

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