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Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer

Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer

The SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer is as a turn-key solution complete with a sophisticated HPLC system, ready-to-use buffers, reagents and columns. The Artemis 6000 combines the advantages of the classical ion exchange separation methods with the modern techniques of HPLC. Specifically configured and designed for routine or research amino acid determination, the SCION Artemis 6000 is the complete Amino Acid Analyzer to today’s modern laboratory.

*Only available to purchase in Asia


Turn-key solution with reliable performance

Based on SCION’s 50+ years experience in chromatography, results in unmatched performance
Configured package for various applications, e.g. protein hydrolysate, physiological fluid, etc.
Pre-tuned and recommended conditions for “Inject and Run”
Excellent sensitivity with a detection limit as low as 8 pMol (Asp 3p Mol), with great separation power: average peak resolution>1.5, all peak resolution >1.2 (hydrolysate AA) or >1.0 (free AA)

Ease of use

Fully controlled by 21 CFR part 11 compliance data system with multi-language support
Visualised LCD with direct control and support method creation, editing and saving
Modular design, ease of maintenance

Productivity & Robust

Fully automated analysis with protection, e.g. auto washing, leakage protection, etc.
Rapid analysis: 30 – 50 min for hydrolysate sample, 70 – 180 min for physiological sample
Outstanding repeatability in both retention time and peak area
Long-term stability with replaced buffer and consumables
High efficient separation column and ammonia filter column with long lifetime
Inert and non-metal materials for pipes contact with buffer solutions & samples to avoid interference
All buffers protected by inert gas, store in reagent organizer with refrigeration

Oil and Gas

How the SCION AAA can work for the Oil & Gas market

SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer is designed to operate 24/7, a definite requirement for around the clock amino acid processing. Amino Acid concentration in oil rock is one of the most important identifiers to determine the quality of the rocks (rich or lean). Thus, the Amino Acid Analyzer is frequently employed for oil and gas exploration.


How the SCION AAA can work for the chemical market

The SCION Amino Acid Analyzer is an ideal solution for any chemical laboratory.  Routinely used in the leather industry, the Amino Acid Analyzer is used to determine the concentration of hydroxyproline which affects the quality of the leather.


How the SCION AAA can work for the Pharmaceutical market

SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer is a versatile technique commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, some Amino Acids are used for therapy, including Arginine, Aspartate, Cysteine, Glutamic Acid, Histidine and Methionine. Amino Acids are also the building blocks for synthesis of drugs, especially peptide based drugs.


How the SCION AAA can work for the Environmental market

SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer are designed to support detailed analysis of Amino Acids from recycled products. For example, production of Amino Acids, peptides or protein from industrial waste (like inedible fish, fish scale, oil cake, etc) can help us to reduce and recycle waste products to protect the environment.


Food and agriculture are two of the most important application areas of Amino Acid Analysis.  In the food industry, especially the food production process and new product development, the nutrition value and taste are the most crucial factors. For example, in process improvement, a comparison of Amino Acids before and after the process changed in required to evaluate the new process. The analysis of Amino Acids for new product development is also crucial before launching in the market.

In agriculture, the main application of Amino Acid Analyzer is mainly for feedstuff analysis and thremmatology studies.

SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer provides both Protein Hydrolysate (PH) and Physiological Fluids (PF) systems for the food industry. The PH system is mainly for feedstuff, including the oxidised protein hydrolysate specially optimised for sulfur containing Amino Acids such as Lysine, Threonine, Cystine and Methionine. The PF system is for determination of free Amino Acids in food/nutrition products. Both system are completed package with relevant buffer, reagent and columns together with verified method.