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The Use of Alternative Carrier Gases in Gas Chromatography

With the ongoing helium shortage affecting GC users – this app note provides a comparison of the carrier gas alternatives: nitrogen and hydrogen.

Plant Protection Products Active Ingredient Assay by GC-FID with Nitrogen Carrier Gas

An active ingredient (AI) is the component of a chemical product which produces the desired chemical or biological effect. In this application note we will discover how to validate a method and assay for the AI content of a plant protection product (PPP).

Cannabis Potency by GC-FID with Carrier Gas Comparison (Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen)

Due to the legalization of cannabis in multiple countries for medicinal or recreational use, there has been an increased demand for quality control of hemp and marijuana products. This is to ensure the product labels accurately reflect the characteristics and quality of the flood of new products entering the market. SCION 8300 GC and 8500 GC platforms are ideally equipped to meet the analysis needs of the Cannabis industry.

IP480 Determination of Boiling Range Distribution of Middle Distillates and Lubricating Base Oils - Gas Chromatography Method

SCION Instruments offers the solution for a simulated distillation of middle distillates and lubricating base oils. In our latest Application Note, discover how the 8500 and 8300 GC platforms can be used for safer and more efficient simulated distillations.

EN15199-1 Determination of Boiling Range Distribution by Gas Chromatography Method Part 1: Middle Distillates and Lubricating Base Oils

The SCION Instruments 8X00 GC-platform provides a robust and complete solution for the simulated distillation of distillates and lubricating base oils, following standardized method EN15199-1. This Application Note demonstrate that this method and the SCION Instruments GC system configuration performs excellent and meets all the specifications mentioned in EN15199-1.

A Comparative Analysis of Fuel Oxygenates in Soil by Dynamic and Static Headspace Utilizing the HT3 Automatic Headspace Analyzer

Fuel oxygenates have been added to gasoline for years to produce more efficient and cleaner fuel combustion thus reducing pollution. Unfortunately, since gasoline is stored in large storage tanks that are either above or below ground, fuel oxygenates can leach into the surrounding water or soil causing contamination and possible health risks to the surrounding environment. This application note presents methods for Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) to analyze fuel oxygenates in a soil matrix.

Headspace Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in Contact Packaging Materials Using the HT3 Automated Headspace Analyser

Regulatory bodies such as the United States Food and Drink Administration and the European Union have regulations related to the use of chemicals in food packaging materials. This application note details how the HT3 Automated Headspace Analysers can be used to determine volatile compounds mixed in food contact packaging under various conditions.

Flavour and Aroma Profile of Hops Using FET-Headspace on the SCION Instruments Versa using GC-MS

To brewers and the brewing industry, hops is an important beer component because of the flavour and aromas imparted during the hops addition process. Consequently, anticipating and/or validating the flavour profile of a particular variety of hops, based on analytical techniques, has become an increasingly useful tool in the head brewer’s repertoire. In this application note, the flavour profile of five types of hops will be identified using Full Evaporation Technique (FET) Headspace on a SCION Instruments Versa Automated Headspace.

High Temperature Headspace Assay of Polymers with SCION Instruments HT3 Static Headspace Instrument

Discover how the HT3 Headspace Instrument can be used for reliable, reproducible analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds released from polymers in enclosed spaces to ensure air quality.

Determination of Light Hydrocarbons in Stabilised Crude Oils Gas Chromatography Method

SCION Instruments offers the solution for detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) of stabilized crudes. This application note details how SCION Instruments 4X6 and the new 8X00 GC-platform equipped with the 8400PRO autosampler can be used in the determination of light hydrocarbons in stabilised crude oils up to and including n-nonane(C9) using standardised method IP601.