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UOP690, C₈ and Low Boiling Paraffins and Naphthenes in Low-Olefin Hydrocarbons by GC.

The UOP690 describes the determination method for C8 and lower boiling paraffins and naphthenes in olefin free gasolines (2 mass-%) with a maximum boiling point of 260°C. In this method benzene and toluene are also being determined.

Simultaneous Analysis of Triazole Fungicides by HPLC-DAD

Triazole fungicides are chemical compounds that are not only used to kill parasitic fungi but also act as plant growth regulators when used properly. There has been an increase in local regulations surrounding the use of such chemical compounds due to their devastating effects on humans and the environment. SCION Instruments developed a method for the simultaneous analysis of two common triazole fungicides; Paclobutrazol and Uniconazole.

Determination of Terpenes in Cannabis by GC-FID

Hemp and marijuana are becoming more popular because of legalisation in multiple countries. The increase of this market also increases the offer of products and therefore the need to monitor different components. One of these components are cannabinoids or just short potency analysis, which can be found in our portfolio of Cannabis applications (AN091,92,93,130). This application focusses on analysis of Terpenes in Cannabis.

Characterization of Bath Salt Using HT3 Headspace Sampling

In this application note we discuss a static headspace method on the HT3 sampler for rapidly determining drug components for use in forensic applications. A HT3 headspace sampler will be used to examine bath salt samples for the presence of mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

Blood Alcohol Determination by Versa Headspace Sampling

In this application note we discuss the Versa sampler that was evaluated to determine its suitability to perform an occasional blood alcohol test. Methanol, acetone, ethanol, isopropanol and acetaldehyde along with n-propanol, a typical internal standard, were tested with the Versa sampler.

Analysis of Methanol in Biodiesel by HT3 and Versa Headspace Sampling

In this application note we will demonstrate the versatility of the HT3 and Versa automated headspace vial samplers for determining methanol in biodiesel samples following the European Standard, EN 14110, Fat and oil derivatives – Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) – Determination of Methanol Content.

Analysis of Fusel Alcohols Using HT3 Headspace Sampling

In this application note we discuss a static headspace method on the HT3 sampler for the analysis of fusel alcohols.

Evaluating Food Products for Furan and Other Volatile Organic Compounds

In this application note we discuss a HT3 Headspace Analyzer that was used in the both the static and the dynamic mode along with a GC/MS for the quantitation of furan in food.

Application Note: Carrier Gases and their Differences

In this application note we discuss three gases that are commonly used as a carrier gas: nitrogen, helium and hydrogen. The importance of carrier gas selection has been a discussion point amongst the users of Gas Chromatography for many years. When selecting the right carrier gas the user has to consider different parameters such as; price, performance, speed, analytical compatibility or just availability.

Refinery Gas Analysis using the Scion Rapid RGA Analyser

Scion Instruments offers a solution for the fast analysis of refinery gas streams: The Rapid Refinery Gas Analyser (RGA). The Rapid RGA determines the chemical composition of reformed gas and similar gaseous mixtures containing the following components: Helium (He), Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), C1-C6+ hydrocarbons isomers and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).