Customer Success Story – Laboratoř Monitoring

We recently managed to catch-up with customers Monika Jankovska and Petr Jankovsky, Executives and Company Owners of Laboratoř Monitoring in Prague, to hear how they were getting on using our systems. 

Laboratoř Monitoring has been a working laboratory since 1995 offering a wide range of services for environmental analysis. With operations across the Czech Republic and headquarters in Prague, Laboratoř Monitoring specialise in VOC analysis of drinking water, and wastewater. They do, however, offer other assessments including soil, compost, waste and more. 

Laboratoř Monitoring differentiate themselves from their competitors by guaranteeing the highest quality of analyses, helping both companies and private individuals. Each sample is approached individually from sample reception to interpretation for results. Not only do they provide results but additionally offer advice on how to handle the results, they are open to resolving the bias and discussing with customers. 

Laboratoř Monitoring currently utilise two SCION systems: 

The SQ GCMS covers the analysis of organic pollutants like PAHs, PCBs, and pesticides. 

The SCION 436-GC (the 8300 GC is the next generation 436 instrument, delivering the same excellent performance) equipped with PTV and FID is used for the analysis of oil hydrocarbons (C10-C40) 

  • This system was installed in 2022 and replaced their old Varian 3800-GC 

The analysis of VOCs is covered by Varian’s 220-MS, which was installed in 2008 and is fully functional, continuing to provide good analytical data. 

SCION GC Review SCION SQ Customer Review

Head of Laboratoř Monitoring Petr Jankovsky with SCION 436-GC (left) and SCION SQ (right) 

Having worked with multiple SCION systems, Monika and Petr described the systems as ‘robust and suitable for use in a routine laboratory’. Their key highlights of the products included ‘low operating costs, reliability, and robustness’. 

A positive business result from using scion systems has been their ‘93% year to year sample increase in the case of oil hydrocarbons C10-C40 (increase from 2450 samples to 4736 samples per year), thanks to the sample throughput of the SCION 436-GC system’. 

Find out more about Laboratoř Monitoring’s services by visiting their website. 

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