CHROMtalks 2024: Mastering Method Development -The Science Behind Successful Results

SCION Instruments are thrilled to be sponsoring the upcoming LCGC CHROMtalks 2024 virtual symposium, taking place on June 12th – 13th.

This year’s CHROMtalks topic is: Mastering Method Development – The Science Behind Successful Results

The theme of mastering method development is essential for any scientist striving for accurate and successful laboratory results.

To support the event, our Applications Lead Scientist – James Hogan – has recorded a highly informative 20-minute presentation giving you a ‘How To Guide for GC Method Development’

James covers the following key topics in his presentation:

• Initial considerations – column choice, liner choice, instrument parameters

• Optimising method – achieving resolution, sensitivity using analytical standard

• Introducing sample matrix – sample prep considerations

• SCION consumables kits overview – perfect for method development

• Validation considerations to ensure good working of method

He also includes links to valuable content such as Technical Notes for you to explore after the presentation.

By simply registering for the event, you will be able to access this presentation, and the full 2 Day schedule of live content and other amazing assets provided by LCGC.


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This virtual event will span over two days, where speakers will delve into the world of chromatography. Organized by LCGC International in collaboration with CHROMacademy will focus on liquid chromatography (LC) on 12 June 2024 and gas chromatography (GC) on 13 June 2024. Throughout both days, CHROMtalks will host a diverse group of expert practitioners from academia, industry, and leading chromatography companies. They will share practical insights on how to improve the method development process in your everyday work.

Hosting tutorial talks and live question-and-answer sessions with esteemed experts designed to help you thrive in the laboratory. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in chromatography.

Top Reasons to Attend:

• Explore the essential discussions on LC and GC method development at CHROMtalks 2024.

• Learn more about GC Method Development from our Applications Lead Scientist – James Hogan.

• Immerse yourself in valuable insight on overcoming frequent obstacles in LC and GC method development. Acquire fundamental knowledge that will enhance your ability to troubleshoot effectively.

• Invest a few hours at CHROMtalks and streamline your method development process for greater success.


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