Gas Chromatography GC Troubleshooting Guide

Indications of errors with the system or method? 

  • Changes in peak shape/height (different than what was expected/known) 
  • Changes in retention time (other than expected change from cutting column during installation) 
  • Instability of the baseline 
  • Asymmetrical peak shapes, non-Gausian 
  • Any unusual behavior of expected peaks 

 Top Tips to Restore your Chromatography: 

1. Split peaks (multiple peaks corresponding to a single compound) 

2. Peak tailing

3. Peak fronting

Peak Fronting Troubleshooting GC

4.Peak broadening/Poor resolution

Peak Broadening Troubleshooting GC

5. Appearance of ghost peaks

GC Troubleshooting - Ghost Peaks

6. Long solvent peak tail

Long Solvent Peak Tail Troubleshooting GC

7. No sample peak/Low response

No Sample Peak GC Troubleshooting

8. Extreme baseline increase during temperature programming

Gc Troubleshooting - Extreme Baseline

9. High boiling compound not eluting (C60 to C80)

GC Troubleshooting - high boiling compounds

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