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Import and Export of Chemicals EU/UK REACH Substance Identity Requirements

REACH stands for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. It is a European regulation which dates from December 2006. Manufacturers and importers are required to gather information on their chemicals and then register that information in the European chemicals agency database.

Determination of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in olive oil using GCFID

This application will study the quantification and qualification of FAME within EVOO’s, by GC with a Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
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Determination of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Olive Oil Using GC-SQMS

This application can be performed on either the SCION Instruments 8300 GC & 8500 GC platform with 8700 Single Quad Mass Spectrometer (SQMS) and the SCION 8400PRO Autosampler, shown in figure 1. A SCION-FAME column is used for obtaining the best separation of the cis and trans-isomers of most FAME’s.
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Residual Solvent Analysis of Chemical Products by GC-FID with Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas

In this application note we will successfully validate a method for the analysis of residual solvents by GC-FID. A technical grade active ingredient (eugenol) will also be tested.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Qualitative Analysis by GC-MS

Analysis of APIs is important to provide quality assurance and regulatory compliance with authorities such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or European Medicines Agency (EMA). This application note emphasizes the qualitative examination of the specified antihistamines through the analysis of both standards and samples and samples, including antihistamines, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. The identification process is supported by comparing the spectral characteristics between standards and samples, as well as using a library matching approach.

Plant Protection Products Impurity Assay by GC-FID with Hydrogen Carrier Gas

In this application note we will validate and assay for the relevant impurity methyl eugenol and an example significant impurity 4-(prop-2-en-1-yl)phenol. For ease we will refer to methyl eugenol as impurity 1 and 4-(prop-2-en-1-yl)phenol as impurity 2 from here on.

Plant Protection Products Impurity Screening by GC-FID with GC-MS Confirmation

Determining impurity content is a requirement across many regulated industries from pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, and environmental. But how do we decide which impurities are present within a product? Often chemical products can be very complex with dozens of impurities present, do we need to measure them all, or can we discount some, how do we decide this? In this application note we will discuss how to determine which impurities should be identified and accurately quantified to satisfy regulatory requirements.

The Use of Alternative Carrier Gases in Gas Chromatography

With the ongoing helium shortage affecting GC users – this app note provides a comparison of the carrier gas alternatives: nitrogen and hydrogen.

Plant Protection Products Active Ingredient Assay by GC-FID with Nitrogen Carrier Gas

An active ingredient (AI) is the component of a chemical product which produces the desired chemical or biological effect. In this application note we will discover how to validate a method and assay for the AI content of a plant protection product (PPP).

Cannabis Potency by GC-FID with Carrier Gas Comparison (Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen)

Due to the legalization of cannabis in multiple countries for medicinal or recreational use, there has been an increased demand for quality control of hemp and marijuana products. This is to ensure the product labels accurately reflect the characteristics and quality of the flood of new products entering the market. SCION 8300 GC and 8500 GC platforms are ideally equipped to meet the analysis needs of the Cannabis industry.