Testing Cannabis Potency with Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography is an analytical technique used by cannabis and hemp laboratories to accurately measure the potency of cannabis and hemp products. This method of testing has been used in the cannabis industry for decades and is considered to be a reliable and accurate way to measure cannabinoid content.

Gas chromatography works by separating compounds in a sample into individual components which are then identified by a detector. The detector measures the components of the sample and produces a chromatogram of these analytes which, alongside the use of a certified analytical reference material, can then be used to identify and quantify the compounds present in the sample.

Testing Cannabis Potency using Chromatography.

Cannabis and hemp samples are typically mixed with a solvent such as hexane or methanol and then injected into the gas chromatograph. During injection the sample is then volatilised in the heated injector, and the individual compounds are then separated as they travel through the column. The compounds are then detected, and the individual components are identified and quantified.

Gas chromatography is an ideal method for cannabis potency testing because it is able to separate and accurately detect minute concentrations of cannabinoids in the sample. This allows laboratories to accurately measure the potency of the sample and provides an accurate representation of the quality and strength of the cannabis or hemp product.

Why Is Cannabis Potency Testing Important?

Testing cannabis potency helps to ensure that consumers have access to a safe and consistent product. Knowing the potency of cannabis can also help ensure that the product is accurately labelled, and that consumers can choose the right dose for their needs. Testing cannabis potency can also help to identify any contaminants or adulterants in the cannabis product. Finally, testing cannabis potency helps to ensure that the product is compliant with state and local regulations.

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