SCION Instruments Webinar: Combining Simulated Distillation (ASTM D7169) and Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (ASTM D7900) to give a Full Boiling Point Distribution of Crude Oils (01/06/2021)

We recently ran a webinar on the popular topic of Simulated Distillation (simdist). In this webinar we discussed physical distillation, which is still considered the reference method for distillation. Simdist by gas chromatography offers some significant advantages over the physical procedure, making this technique quite useful.

Please find the webinar below, we have broken it down below into bite-size chunks for easy watching. You can find the full length stream at the bottom of the page.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Full Stream

Discover the Application Note here.

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