SCION Instruments recommended for FAME Analysis

GOED, the “Global organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids” have now listed SCION Instrument systems as suitable equipment. During one of the most recent meetings, an updated guidance document was released mentioning SCION Instruments 436/456 with PTV as recommended equipment for getting optimal results for analysis of Fatty Acids.

The latest June 29th GOED guidance document states:

“Recovery of long-chain unsaturated compounds is the most challenging a GC can do. One recommendation to attain optimal analytical recovery is to reduce losses of EPA, DHA and other polyunsaturated fatty acids during the GC-FID analysis to a minimum, in particular by using the best injector system that avoids thermal cracking and selective evaporation (discrimination). Achieving near 100% recovery has also been demonstrated to contribute to minimize inter-laboratory variability. Near 100% recovery has been achieved using GC-FID by

SCION Instruments (Varian) 436-GC Gas Chromatograph

Programmed temperature Vaporizer Injector (PTV) type 21 EFC type SST Air

FID with electrometer DEFC-11.

The following column is suitable for analysis in conjunction with the abovementioned system: SCION-WAX 25m * 0.25 * 0.20µm”.

The full document can be obtained from GOED HERE.

The GOED website also offers several other guidelines for Fatty Acid analysis, which could prove very helpful.

Our partner, SAMSI AS / SAMSI INSTRUMENTS SWEDEN AB have been heavily pioneering and supporting this field of analysis from but not limited to Scandinavia for years now, demonstrating capability and market leadership across the board in this large market.

Terje Aasoldsen from SAMSI Instruments commented:

“Since I have working within this industry starting 34 years ago I was asked to do this presentation and share the experience where we have been hunting the best GC platform since then.

Eventually I found it on a Varian 3800 with PTV and FID in Agadir, Maroc around 2009 and 2010. When BRUKER (and later SCION Instruments – red.) knocked on my door in 2012 it was easy to say yes and make a change from our brand at the time.

We can do this with one of the other major suppliers, but its cumbersome: you need a split of 1:200 to keep a high speed through a bad injector. Lots of fames end up in your split line, you use a fortune in helium or take huge risk by splitting out hydrogen. I do have users today with both brands sitting side by side, and they share opinion with me.

We see the same effect if we do ISO-9377-2. Scion Instruments recovery of C40 is just above anything on the market.

If a GC can do unsaturated high boiling compounds it can do anything”.

Find terje’s full PPT in GOED HERE