The Best Split/Splitless Injector for Gas Chromatography On The Market

We are thrilled to share that ChromSpec has recognized our split/splitless injector as the best in the market.

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What Is Split/Splitless Injection?

Gas Chromatography (GC) offers various injection techniques however, the most commonly used and versatile injector is the split /splitless (S/SL). As the name suggests, the S/SL injector can be operated in either split or splitless mode. Despite some similarities, each technique serves specific purposes in the analytical process. The components within a split/splitless inlet include, the injection nut, the septum, the septum purge, the split vent the injection body the liner and o-ring.

Split injection is the preferred choice when the analyte concentration is sufficiently high enough to allow only partial sample transfer to the column, whilst still meeting required detection limits. The higher flow rates in the inlet lead to sharp, narrow peaks and minimize adverse interactions. However, a drawback to split mode operation is higher boiling point components (>30) are susceptible to discrimination. Thus, split injection suits samples with high concentrations, high matrix loads, or situations where lower boiling point analytes are targeted.

On the other hand, splitless injection is ideal for trace analysis of samples with very low analyte concentrations. All of the flow is directed into the column, allowing the transfer of all of the sample for maximum sensitivity. However, the slower flow rate into the column can lead to adsorption and breakdown of active analytes, as well as increased band broadening, especially for more volatile compounds, resulting in wider peaks.

If an instrument is used for both split and splitless applications, it may not always be feasible to change liners for each analysis. In such cases, the use of a dual-purpose split/splitless liner is recommended to accommodate both injection techniques efficiently.

The Benefits of Split/ Splitless Injection

The use of the split/splitless injection in gas chromatography, offers significant advantages by providing precise control over the amount of sample component entering the capillary column. This versatile split/splitless (S/SL) inlet is the preferred choice for gas chromatography due to its ability to function in both split and splitless modes, catering to a wide range of analytical requirements.

By utilizing the split/splitless injector, it also becomes possible to minimize the introduction of matrix components into the detector when coupled with mass spectrometers. This is crucial in maintaining the sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis.

For laboratories seeking split/splitless injector options, SCION Instruments offers a range of three different types to suit specific analytical needs.

Why the SCION Split/Splitless Injector Is The Best In the Class!

*This segment was created by ChromSpec and featured in a 2022 Newsletter*

One of the many great features of the SCION split/splitless injector is its ability to effectively keep heat away from the injector nut, and thus the septum. To validate this claim, we decided to put this to the test. On both instruments, the injector temperature was set to 250°C for two hours. The temperature of the injector nut was then measured:

Temperature at nut Safe to touch
SCION 89.9°C Yes
Leading Competitor A 150.7°C No


As you can see the SCION injector retains its heat within the injector body, thus alleviating septum bleed and sample discrimination, whilst leading to cleaner chromatography, more reproducible results, longer consumable life and being safer to touch, should you accidentally touch the septum nut!

The SCION split/splitless injector also features unique dual split points which allows for a more homogenous split mixture, as well as *NOT* featuring gold seals at the bottom of the injector which need replacing and are often a source of leaks, which can affect your results.

By using a smaller septum at the top of the injector, excess or residual heat transfer to the injector head is minimised. The fluted nut also helps to passively dissipate any heat that rises up to the top of the injector without the need for additional cooling fans!

Split Splitless Injector for GC

The split/splitless injector is available on all models of SCION GC.

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