Gas Chromatography Upgrade - Offer

SCION Instruments world class GC range meets the demands of the older Varian 450-GC.

These models have long been replaced by our current 436-GC and 456-GC. Servicing and uptime for these models will become more challenging with age, which could potentially impact your business.

SCION Instruments is now offering the opportunity to replace these systems with a new 436-GC or 456-GC package in a great deal. A great chance to ensure long-term flow of quality data that creates value for your organisation. This offer includes:

  • CompassCDS, our powerful Chromatography Data System software, and an extra kit of consumables.
  • An Upgrade to the version included when using CompassCDS or GalaxieCDS legacy version.
  • Extra consumable kits (vials, caps, crimper, column and magnifier) until supplies run out.

Please send us your GC serial number and we can supply an offer for a like-for-like replacement with the SCION performance and ease of use you have come to rely on.

Not in a position to replace right now? Contact us anyway! Service plans are available and we are happy to discuss how to keep your valued system running.

To take advantage of this great offer, talk to a member of our Sales Team today:

Download the complete GC Upgrade information sheet.