The Power of a Modern Chromatography Data System

Anne-Marie McDonnell, our Software Business Development Manager held a presentation at ChromTalks 2022 on the functionalities of CompassCDS and how they apply to Modern Chromatography systems. ChromTalks 2022 is an virtual Symposium presented by LCGC and CHROMacademy.


CompassCDS is an industry-proven, powerful and operator friendly networked chromatography data system software solution developed throughout the last 20 years according to requirements of our customer base. With its intuitive, easy-to-use and application and information-rich user interface and its unique capacity for customization, CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of operations in different analytical fields.

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ChromTalks 2022

Following the enormous popularity of the inaugural ChromTalks symposium, the event is back—with more information to make your life in the lab easier. When you are not getting the clear analytical results you seek from your chromatographic runs, you need tools to help you, and the single most critical tool is knowledge. The more you understand about how your chromatographic instruments, columns, and processes work, the easier it is to develop robust methods and to resolve challenges. The talks in this symposium—from leading, highly experienced separation scientists—will demystify the techniques of liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC). They will explain what is under the hood of the instruments, how the techniques work, and what to do when you run into trouble. This event will empower you with knowledge—the knowledge you need every day in the lab.

Presentation Video