HTA and SCION Instruments - New Driver Release

HTA and SCION Instruments are proud to announce that, starting from today, a new driver has been released. This driver allows control of the HTA Gas Chromatograph (GC) autosamplers directly from SCION CompassCDS, the powerful and intuitive Chromatography Data System by SCION Instruments.

With this driver the control of the complete SCION GC system, including the HTA autosampler, is enabled by a unique operator-friendly user interface within CompassCDS.  The integrated user interface significantly improves the overall user experience, by streamlining the instrument set up, processing, data acquisition and reporting.

Building on the HTA autosampler’s reliability, with the SCION GC systems’ performance and CompassCDS software this driver is the missing link to bring these benefits in an easy-to-use, integrated way for our customers.


HTA Autosampler models: 2000H, 2100H, 2800T.

CompassCDS model: CompassCDS 4.1 and later models

SCION GC models: 8300 GC and 8500 GC


For more information, please get in touch. To find and contact your local distribute, click here.

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