SCION Instruments Gas Chromatography Instrumentation Overview

SCION Instruments designs, develops, supplies and supports a range of gas chromatography instrumentation including GC, GC-MS, LC and Compass CDS (chromatography data system) product lines.

SCION prides itself for manufacturing in The Netherlands supported by its UK facilities in Livingston, Scotland. The company maintains a global infrastructure to support sales around the world. As well as providing support for SCION Instruments customers, there is also service and support available for users of legacy Varian systems.

We understand that choosing the right gas chromatography instrumentation can be difficult, which is why we have summarised our most popular products and their key features in this product overview, to help you make an informed decision.


The SCION GC is the perfect gas chromatograph for many applications without compromise on functionality and performance.

When your requirements demand more functionality or you want room to upgrade, the SCION 456 easily meets your need. Supporting three injector and four detector positions (including the mass spectrometer) with full independent access, no other gas chromatograph system provides this capability.

Scion 456 GC is the platform for over 50 different configured analysers for petroleum, petrochemical, and specialty gas application.  A staff of highly experienced chromatographers can assist you to build a special analyser to meet any application need. The perfect GC for many applications that saves space without compromise on functionality and performance.


  • Ultimate flexibility/configurability.
  • Large capacity, fast ramping oven (150°C/minute)
  • Capacity: 3 Injectors, 3 Detectors + MS.
  • Full Electronic Flow Control (EFC), up to 21 channels at 0.001psi resolution.
  • Large full colour screen, multiple languages supported
  • Flexibility to add samplers, valves, valve oven, backflush and column switching capabilities, etc., programmed and controlled and through CompassCDS

Discover the SCION 456 GC today.


The SCION 436 GC is the perfect gas chromatography instrumentation for many applications that saves space without compromise on functionality and performance. Capacity for 2 injectors, 1 GC detector plus a mass spectrometer makes the SCION 436 a perfect match for your analyses. A 9 inch touchpad provides direct access to all GC functions and basic tuning.


  • Compact footprint
  • Fast ramping oven (170°C/minute)
  • Flexible 2 channel architecture
  • 2 Injectors, 1 Detectors + MS
  • Electronic flow control (EFC), 3 channels 0.001psi resolution
  • Large full colour screen, multiple languages supported
  • Full automation capabilities through CompassCDS software and auto sampler

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The SCION (SQ) GC-MS is a piece of gas chromatography instrumentation designed for today’s fast paced analytical laboratory. Innovative design features such as a Lens-Free ion path, heated ion optics and an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) detector enable the SCION SQ to deliver accurate quantification and identification on a routine basis, even in complex matrices. As ions pass through a mass spectrometer a significant portion is lost every time they encounter a lens. Due to its unique design the SCION SQ doesn’t have any lenses thus increasing the sensitivity of the instrument by reducing ion losses.


  • Innovative lens-free ion path delivers simplifies tuning
  • Off axis source and detector increase sensitivity
  • Active focusing Q0
  • Dual filament source increases uptime
  • Compound-based scanning software

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SCION GC Analysers

SCION has the experience and know-how to provide pre-configured gas chromatography instrumentation that is ready at power up to handle your key applications. SCION has more than 50 standard, pre-configured systems available to meet a wide variety of applications, such as SIMDIST, DHA, RGA and others. If you have an analytical challenge to solve then our long experience in designing, configuring and manufacturing complete systems, with all their analytical benefits, ensures you get the solution that’s right for you.

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LC 6000

The Scion 6000 Series HPLC aims for confidence in results through outstanding life-time performance. A robust design maximises uptime and productivity levels whilst minimising cost of operation. The SCION 6000 Series offers an array of automation options for workflow optimisation, making our lab experience the best and easiest possible.

Key Values:

  • Superior gradient performance and excellent flow rate precision
  • Excellent injection volume precision and ultra-low carry-over
  • Best Chromatography
  • Excellent Detector Performance

Discover the LC 6000 today.

Compass CDS

CompassCDS is an industry-proven, powerful and operator friendly networked chromatography data system software solution developed throughout the last 20 years according to requirements of our customer base. With its intuitive, easy-to-use and application and information-rich user interface and its unique capacity for customization, CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of operations in different analytical fields.

Available as a standalone or fully networked client/server application, CompassCDS meets the broadest spectrum of customer’s requirements. The CompassCDS product suite includes a number of industry-specific plug-in and add-on modules for specific calculation and reporting, and long-term archiving of raw and meta data. It integrates easily into the existing IT environment and seamlessly interfaces with LIMS, ELN, ERP (SAP) and PCS/SCADA in order to facilitate, accelerate and automate data exchange, and helping to lower per sample costs and increase overall efficiency of the whole development and production process, starting from R&D over IPC to final QA/QC.

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Versa Automated Headspace Vial Sampler

Static headspace is one of the most popular techniques for gas chromatography due to its versatility for analysing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a complex variety of matrices. This is because it eliminates tedious sample preparation steps, as well as prevents contamination problems that are common to other sample introduction techniques.

Versa is the perfect gas chromatography instrumentation for applications which require all the advantages of headspace analysis, available to fit any budget.​

Discover the Versa Automated Headspace Vial Sampler today.

HT3 Static and Dynamic Headspace System

Static Headspace analysis is a time-tested and robust technique for the analysis of volatile compounds in almost any matrix. The popularity of the technique is due to Headspace analysis providing a clean, reliable result.

Dramatic improvements in sensitivity are achieved with the new Dynamic Headspace option, while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability of a traditional Static Headspace instrument.​

Discover the HT3 Static and Dynamic Headspace System today.

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