EnLink Midstream – Customer Testimonial

Recently we had the opportunity to connect with our customers at ENLink Midstream. ENLink Midstream (NYSE: ENLC) is a midstream energy company who manufacture Isobutane, n-Butane, and Gasoline. They sell this by barge, train, and pipeline, guaranteeing that their products meet specific customer specifications, and meet stringent environmental requirements. They are also actively involved in carbon capture and sequestration.

We caught up with Joseph Durocher, one of their lab technicians who shared insights into their experience using and working with SCION Instruments.

Tell us about your company and how you stand out from competitors.

EnLink Midstream (NYSE: ENLC) provides integrated energy infrastructure services for natural gas, crude oil, condensate, and NGLs, including gathering and transportation pipelines, processing plants, fractionators, barge and rail terminals, product storage facilities, and brine disposal wells, as well as CO₂ transportation for carbon capture and sequestration. Our large-scale, cash-flow-generating asset platforms are in premier production basins and core demand centers, including the Permian Basin, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and North Texas.

EnLink is focused on maintaining the financial flexibility and operational excellence that enables us to strategically grow through the energy transition and create sustainable value.

Tell us about yourself and your role in the company.

I am a lab technician, I run analysis to ensure that our products are within contract specification

Tel us what SCION product(s) you have purchased and why you chose to purchase them?

SCION (Bruker) 450 & Varian 430.  I inherited the SCION/Bruker 450 unplugged, with no gasses & uncalibrated.

Describe your analytical/business challenges – and how your SCION products helped you meet them.

We need to analyze our products for hydrocarbon, olefin & sulfur content to ensure that the ships, barges, trucks, railcars & pipeline deliveries are what the customers expect and have ordered from us.

Some contracts are written concerning total olefins, total sulfur, hydrogen sulfide/COS and total mercaptans; where they cannot exceed certain PPMw of contained hydrocarbons.  SCION’s GC does all of it including speciation of sulfurs.

Give us a personal quote relating to your experience of working with SCION and using SCION products.

There are no questions about the SCION analysis; it measures the sulfurs, mercaptans & olefins in PPMw as the contracts specify.  The small PPMw, of the different components, are handled with ease.

What has been the biggest benefit of using SCION products/services?

One of the benefits is the repeatability during calibration of the sulfurs, mercaptans & olefins. The ease of operation makes it user friendly for beginners.  The service, help & encouragement from Victoria Klein is SCION’s biggest benefit.  Their computer knowledge, assistance and unparalleled insight to their product and functionality is unparalleled

Would you recommend SCION to other businesses? If so, why?

I would highly recommend SCION products to other businesses for their ease of use but especially for their insightful knowledge and great service.

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We are delighted to hear that ENLink Midstream have had a positive experience working with the team at SCION and yielding positive outcomes using our instruments.

If you think SCION sounds like the right fit for your business, contact us today, and a member of our team will be delighted to help.

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