SCION Instruments unveil new Liquid Chromatograph

Launch of new LC6000 Product at Pittcon 2020 in Chicago

SCION Instruments today proudly unveiled their brand new LC6000 Liquid Chromatograph at the international Pittcon 2020 trade show in Chicago, USA.

SCION Instruments’ Chief Executive Officer, Khalid Tafrasti, unveiled the new instrument to add to their existing range of chromatography products.

The SCION 6000 Series HPLC delivers confidence in results through outstanding lifetime performance. A robust design maximises uptime and productivity levels whilst minimising cost of operation.

The SCION 6000 Series offers an array of automation options for workflow optimisation, making the lab experience with SCION the best and easiest possible.

Key features:

Superior gradient performance and excellent flow rate precision

Excellent injection volume precision and ultra-low carry-over

Best chromatography

Excellent detector performance

Instrument robustness

CompassCDS control

Low-volume degassing options

Excellent large solvent cabinet

Khalid Tafrasti said: “We are proud to bring this new product to market. It broadens the scope of quality chromatography that SCION Instruments can offer to our customers.

“We are bringing performance, functionality and reliability together into the impressive 6000 series HPLC product line-up, making it the chromatographer’s choice in HPLC.”

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