8300 GC Gas Chromatograph

8300 GC Gas Chromatograph

8300 GC

GC Gas Chromatography

Less can be more! The SCION 8300 GC offers superior performance in the smallest form factor. This compact 8300 GC system is the perfect choice for those who require data from a maximum of two detectors, including a Mass Spectrometer, for their samples.

At only 32cm (12.6”) wide, the 8300 GC is a true space-effective powerhouse, bundling flexibility to configure with the productivity and performance needed to generate the right results with confidence.

Setting a new stage for operational use, the new, ultra-large, front-mounted user interface offers an unrivalled experience in the lab, making the journey to your results as convenient as possible.

The 8300 GC is the perfect instrument for laboratories with limited space, delivering high performance in a compact, space-optimised design


  • Compact footprint of only 32 cm (12.6″) wide
  • Fast ramping oven (170°C/minute)
  • Two channel architecture, with up to 2 injection ports and 2 detectors (including MS)
  • 10″ High resolution full-colour touchscreen, 16 languages supported
  • Electronic flow control (EFC), 3 channels 0.001psi resolution
  • Full automation capabilities through CompassCDS software and autosampler

Product Description


Regardless of the sample type or processing rate, SCION’s 8300 Gas Chromatograph can provide a long-lasting automated solution that ensures accuracy and precision.

We provide two SCION GC autosampler options – the 8400PRO and 8410PRO – that can be customised according to specific sampling needs and work burdens in a compact, space efficient design. To offer you more, our SCION Versa samplers are also available. In addition, third-party samplers for Thermal Desorption and Purge & Trap can be readily integrated.


  • 8400Pro AutoSampler sample capacity; 100 x 2 ml vial
  • 8410Pro AutoInjector sample capacity; 10 x 2 mL vials, 6 x 5 mL vials, 5 x 10 mL vials
  • Solid Phase MicroExtraction (SPME)
  • dual/duplicate injection

Technical Specifications

The SCION 8300 GC is an optimal choice for the oil and gas industry. It is a dependable piece of machinery designed with robustness and efficiency, allowing for continuous 24/7 operation. Our GC gas chromatography solutions for this field of application are certified according to various industrial standards (ASTM, EN, ISO, IP, and GPA) and, additionally, can be modified to match your individual analytical gas chromatographic requirements.

We help you stay in control of your processes every hour of the day, providing you with an unparalleled peace of mind.

Visit our GC Analysers page for more information on specific method configurations.


SCION 8300 GC is paramount for the chemical industry. Offering tailored options for custom instrumentation, SCION not only meets but exceeds all analytical requirements. From process and product control to the examination of high-level composition and trace impurities, the chromatographs are ideal for continuous analysis without the need of on-hand personnel. The 8300 GC offers a perfect solution for each and every gas chromatographic demand.


SCION offers a variety of gas chromatography solutions for identifying and quantifying residual solvents (RS), extractables and leachables (E/L), and organic volatile impurities (OVI) in pharmaceutical drugs, excipients, and products. Our 8300 Gas Chromatograph is designed to provide thorough and consistent analysis of intermediates, finished drugs, and their respective packing materials.