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GC Injector Parts

GC Injector Parts

Gas Chromatography Injector Parts

SCION Instruments offers a comprehensive line of supplies for all GC injector models, and injector spare parts, ensuring optimal performance throughout their operational life.

SCION parts & supplies are certified & tested to fit with our respective Flash, packed/wide bore on-column (PWOC), programmable temperature vaporizer (PTV), split/splitless (S/SL) and cold on column (COC) inlet models.

Full details complete with exploded views for each inlet are downloadable from the Documents section below.

Product Description

Split/Splitless (S/SL) Injector

  • Isothermal design, Split or Splitless mode, with Septum purge
  • Large internal volume possible (up to 4mm ID liners). A large portfolio of different insert geometries is available for achieving optimal precision for each sample type
  • Unique “Dual” split vent design for optimal precision analysis
  • Type EFC 21 Pressure controlled (or Type EFC 25 for GSV, HS)

Programmable Temperature Vaporizer (PTV) Injector

  • Universal Inlet (Split, Splitless, COC, PTV), exceptional in PTV mode
  • Temperature programmable up to 450°C
  • Ideal for thermolabile compound analysis, or complex matrices
  • Allows for LVI Large Volume Injections up to 250µl (for simplifying sample preconcentration or lower LOD)
  • Cooling with CO2, Liquid Nitrogen or Air
  • Type EFC 21 Pressure controlled (or Type EFC 25 for GSV, HS)

Cold on Column (COC) Injector

  • Temperature programmable up to 450°C, with Septum purge
  • Glass inserts to guide column & needle to maximize needle/column lifetime
  • Cooling with CO2, Liquid Nitrogen or Air
  • EFC 23 – Flow controlled

Flash Injector

  • SCION Qualified vials & Caps with septa for Purge & Trap
  • Isothermal design
  • Glass insert with vaporization volume
  • Capillary wide-bore or Packed column with adapter
  • Type 23 EFC – flow controlled

Packed / Wide Bore Injector

  • Isothermal inlet for direct injections onto packed or wide-bore columns
  • Type 23 & 24 EFC – flow or pressure. Compatible with valve systems with Type 24 EFC