Amino Acid Analyzer

Amino Acid Analyzer

The SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer is as a turn-key solution complete with a sophisticated HPLC system, ready-to-use buffers, reagents and columns. The Artemis 6000 combines the advantages of the classical ion exchange separation methods with the modern techniques of HPLC. Specifically configured and designed for routine or research amino acid determination, the SCION Artemis 6000 is the complete Amino Acid Analyzer to today’s modern laboratory.

Amino Acid Analysis made easy with the Artemis 6000.

Product Description

Turn-key solution with reliable performance

  • Based on SCION’s 50+ years experience in chromatography, results in unmatched performance
  • Configured package for various applications, e.g. protein hydrolysate, physiological fluid, etc.
  • Pre-tuned and recommended conditions for “Inject and Run”
  • Excellent sensitivity with a detection limit as low as 8 pMol (Asp 3p Mol), with great separation power: average peak resolution>1.5, all peak resolution >1.2 (hydrolysate AA) or >1.0 (free AA)

Ease of use

  • Fully controlled by 21 CFR part 11 compliance data system with multi-language support
  • Powerful data processing and reporting function
  • Visualised LCD with direct control and support method creation, editing and saving
  • Modular design, ease of maintenance

Productivity & Robust

  • Fully automated analysis with protection, e.g. auto washing, leakage protection, etc.
  • Rapid analysis: 30 – 50 min for hydrolysate sample, 70 – 180 min for physiological sample
  • Outstanding repeatability in both retention time and peak area
  • Long-term stability with replaced buffer and consumables
  • High efficient separation column and ammonia filter column with long lifetime
  • Inert and non-metal materials for pipes contact with buffer solutions & samples to avoid interference
  • All buffers protected by inert gas, store in reagent organizer with refrigeration


Amino acid analyzers are valuable instruments in the chemical industry, offering precise and reliable analysis of amino acids. Their applications span across quality control, protein analysis, biochemical research, and more.


SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer is a versatile technique commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, some Amino Acids are used for therapy, including Arginine, Aspartate, Cysteine, Glutamic Acid, Histidine and Methionine. Amino Acids are also the building blocks for synthesis of drugs, especially peptide based drugs.

Its applications extend to various critical areas, including the rigorous quality control of amino acid-enriched supplements, the intricate process of formulating pharmaceutical products, the advancement of peptide-based drug development, as well as the meticulous examination of proteins.

As a multifunctional instrument, the SCION Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer proves indispensable for researchers and professionals seeking accurate and reliable amino acid analysis in their pursuit of advancing pharmaceutical science and maintaining stringent quality standards.