Gas Chromatography Consumables Overview

SCION Instruments offers a range of Gas Chromatography (GC) spares and consumables. Explore our guide to understanding the role of each consumable.


SCION offers a full portfolio of liners to suit your analysis. 

With specialist ranges for each injector type (S/SL, PTV, on column, Flash and Packed columns) 

The choice of liner can have a critical effect on the performance of your analysis. The correct choice of liner can:  

  • Increase response – helping to achieve your desired LOQ’s 
  • Improve peak shape of troublesome compounds – reduce tailing, prevent peak splitting 
  • Reduce the need for maintenance and instrument downtime from dirty samples or contamination 

Contact your local SCION sales representative today to find out more about the perfect liner choice for your analysis. 


Full range of ferrules for capillary and packed columns. Ferrules available for any diameter of GC capillary or packed column. 

Graphite ferrules are incredibly malleable, as well as being resistant to higher temperatures. Graphite ferrules will give a perfect seal at temperatures up to 450°C with no loss in performance. Please note that graphite ferrules are not suitable for use for MS connections. 

Graphite/Vespel ferrules are SCION’s recommended ferrule for most GC applications, combining the wear resistance of the Vespel polyimide material with the temperature stability of graphite encompasses the benefits of both materials 

SCION graphite/vespel ferrules will offer excellent performance up to 350 °C 

Reducing ferrules are also available for packed columns with selections in both graphite and graphite/vespel. 


SCION’s range of injector septa provide the perfect solution for your analysis, with premium and budget friendly options covering a range of sizes. 

Advanced Green – low bleed and low injection port adhesion – high temp silicone max temp 350°C 

Marathon – Premium septum up to 400 injections per septum – high temp silicone max temp 350°C 

BTO – bleed and temperature optimized – BTO silicone max temp 400°C 


Full range of fixed needle gas tight syringes 10 µL – 250 µL with different gauges available to suit your application needs. 

Smooth internal barrel – improves lifetime 

Non adhesives used for needle attachment – prevents contamination from adhesive 

Improved plunger design helps reduce carry over (sample less likely to be trapped by plunger) 

Full Range of Consumables

Explore our full range of consumables today and contact us with your requirements and our team will be in touch to assist.