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Chromatography Data System

CompassCDS is SCION Instruments’ universal chromatography software designed for instrument control, data acquisition, processing, and reporting.

With its unique capacity for customisation, CompassCDS provides users with a powerful data analysis tool with comprehensive calibration and calculation options.

Originating from the legacy Galaxie CDS, CompassCDS has evolved into the next generation chromatography data system, which easily integrates with LIMS, PCS/SCADA, ERP and other commonly used data management systems.

Product Description

Chromatography Software

Available as a standalone or fully networked client/server application, CompassCDS meets the broadest spectrum of customer’s requirements. The CompassCDS product suite includes a number of industry-specific plug-in and add-on modules for specific calculation and reporting, and long-term archiving of raw and meta data. It integrates easily into the existing IT environment and seamlessly interfaces with LIMS, ELN, ERP (SAP) and PCS/SCADA in order to facilitate, accelerate and automate data exchange, and helping to lower per sample costs and increase overall efficiency of the whole development and production process, starting from R&D over IPC to final QA/QC.

CompassCDS – the always ideal CDS solution for any analytical laboratory!

The Next Generation CDS

  • User friendly, intuitive and information-rich user interface
  • Application-specific plug-ins and add-ons
  • Extended custom calculations and reporting
  • Multi-vendor GC and LC instrument control
  • Scales from local workstation to enterprise-wide client/server installations
  • Robust design for 24/7 operations
  • Secure, centralized system administration and data management
  • Secure, highly configurable and support redundancy
  • Seamless integration with LIMS, ELN, LES, SAP/ERP, SCADA/PCS using the Sample Streamer 
  • Optimized for virtualized environments (VMWare, Hyper-V) and MetaFrame rollouts (Citrix, Window TS, RDP)
  • Complies to national and international regulations and guidelines (21CFR11, ISO/IEC 17025)

Our CompassCDS is compatible with and can provide support for:

SCION’s own and legacy products:

  • SCION 8300 and 8500 GC
  • SCION 436 and 456 GCs and Analyzers
  • SCION LC6000, Uv/Vis, DAD, RI, Fluorescence detectors
  • Bruker 436, 456, 430 and 450 GCs
  • Varian 430, 450, 3800 and 3900 GCs

Other instrument manufacturers:

  • Agilent Intuvo 8890, 9000, 7890 A/B, 7820, 6890/6850, and 5890 GCs
  • Agilent 1100, 1120/1220 Compact, 1200, 1260 Infinity I, and 1260 and 1290 Infinity II LC
  • Apix Analytical process GC
  • CTC Pal incl. xt and RTC, RSI & LSI
  • Valco Serial control valves
  • Varian Star 800/850 MIB Interface (analog input, relays, RS-232, GPIB)
  • Galaxie instrument control drivers, and datafiles are supported in CompassCDS, making it straightforward to upgrade from Galaxie to CompassCDS.

See our CompassCDS in action on the SCION Instruments LC6000 HPLC:

CompassCDS Plugin

Reporting Software for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI)

The SCION Instruments Eclipse SIMDIS Software Plug-in automates the data processing and reporting of Gas Chromatography analytical results for petroleum samples ranging from gases up to and including crude oil for DHA, Simdist and Gas Calculation applications.  This software is used with CompassCDS to create the required DHA, SimDist, Gas Calculation and FAME reports.

The example below shows a chromatogram using the Compass Eclipse software plug in, with combined Retention time vs boiling point curve. Eclipse makes it possible to easily obtain the boiling range distribution with different standardized methods, shown in the right handed column of the figure. Learn more about this application.

Chromatography Software from SCION Instruments

Sample Streamer

Sample Streamer is a multi-instrument software package that provides seamless integration of your LIMS/SCADA system to CompassCDS . It provides the tracking and confidence you need, from samples arriving at the lab to results returned and reported. It can program samples across multiple instruments to improve instrument utilisation and efficiency.


  • Save time and eliminate errors
  • Schedule analyses for any sample on any instrument
  • Single Screen Control
  • Optimise Productivity
  • Supervise Lab Activities
  • 21CRF Part 11 Compliant