LC 6000 – 6100 Pump

The SCION Instruments HPLC Pump is designed for automatic analysis in a liquid chromatograph system.

SCION Instruments offer a comprehensive line of supplies and consumables for the 6100 HPLC Pump. All parts are supplied in quantities of one, unless specified. Full details can be found in our Spares and Consumables brochure below.

Product Description

6100 HPLC Pump

Part Number Description
LC20200019 Dynamic Mixer (2000µL)
LC20200020 Semi-micro Mixer (200µL)
LC20200021 Conventional Static Mixer (700µL)
LC20200022 THF Kit
LC20200024 Hexane Check Valve Set
LC20200004 Plunger Wash
LC20210003 Plunger Wash
LC20210004 Packing
LC20210005 Check Valve
LC20210007 Seal
LC20210008 Cleaner Seal
LC20210009 Drain Valve Seal
LC20210010 Pump Seal 4
LC20210011 Packing (PEEK)
LC20210014 Periodical Replacement Parts Kit AM
LC20210021 Check Valve In
LC20210279 Check Valve Out
LC20210286 Flow Path Filter, size 10
LC20210034 Plunger Seal
LC20210035 Cartridge for Hexane
LC21000003 PEEK Tubing Orange Stripe 1/16th 0.020ID, 3M
LC21000004 PEEK Column Connectors, Pack of 10
LC21000005 Clean Cut Tubing Cutter