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GC Injectors

GC Injectors

SCION Instruments offers a comprehensive line GC injector models, and injector spare parts, ensuring optimal performance throughout their operational life.

SCION parts & supplies are certified & tested to fit with our respective Flash, packed/wide bore on-column (PWOC), programmable temperature vaporizer (PTV), split/splitless (S/SL) and cold on column (COC) inlet models.

Full details complete with exploded views for each inlet are downloadable from the Documents section below.

Product Description

Split/Splitless (S/SL) Injector

  • Isothermal design, Split or Splitless mode, with Septum purge
  • Large internal volume possible (up to 4mm ID liners). A large portfolio of different insert geometries is available for achieving optimal precision for each sample type
  • Unique “Dual” split vent design for optimal precision analysis
  • Type EFC 21 Pressure controlled (or Type EFC 25 for GSV, HS)

Programmable Temperature Vaporizer (PTV) Injector

  • Universal Inlet (Split, Splitless, COC, PTV), exceptional in PTV mode
  • Temperature programmable up to 450°C
  • Ideal for thermolabile compound analysis, or complex matrices
  • Allows for LVI Large Volume Injections up to 250µl (for simplifying sample preconcentration or lower LOD)
  • Cooling with CO2, Liquid Nitrogen or Air
  • Type EFC 21 Pressure controlled (or Type EFC 25 for GSV, HS)

Cold on Column (COC) Injector

  • Temperature programmable up to 450°C, with Septum purge
  • Glass inserts to guide column & needle to maximize needle/column lifetime
  • Cooling with CO2, Liquid Nitrogen or Air
  • EFC 23 – Flow controlled

Flash Injector

  • SCION Qualified vials & Caps with septa for Purge & Trap
  • Isothermal design
  • Glass insert with vaporization volume
  • Capillary wide-bore or Packed column with adapter
  • Type 23 EFC – flow controlled

Packed / Wide Bore Injector

  • Isothermal inlet for direct injections onto packed or wide-bore columns
  • Type 23 & 24 EFC – flow or pressure. Compatible with valve systems with Type 24 EFC

GC Injector Parts

Full details on the spares and parts available for injectors can be found in the documents below.