Residual Solvent Analysis of Cannabis by Gas Chromatography To Ensure Safe Consumption

Cannabis Pesticide Testing

During the production of cannabis, solvents are utilized to extract beneficial compounds from the plant’s leaves. While these solvents are effective in separating these compounds, traces of them remain on the final product and can be hazardous when consumed. This makes residual solvent analysis a crucial step in cannabis testing.

Common solvents used in cannabinoid extraction are ethanol, acetone, benzene, and more, all of which are known to be toxic and can pose serious health risks to consumers.

Testing for Solvents In Cannabis using Cannabis Pesticide Testing Equipment.

Headspace gas chromatography paired with mass spectrometry is a reliable technique used to test for solvents in cannabis products. This method allows medical cannabis companies to meet stringent regulatory standards and ensure that their products are safe for public consumption.

Cannabis Quality Control and Assurance

Like many other products that we buy and consume, cannabis must undergo rigorous testing and be labelled with information to ensure its safety for both medical and recreational use.

Cannabis Pesticide Testing and Testing for Solvents in Cannabis.

This process is known as quality control and requires companies to invest in appropriate testing equipment. SCION offers a variety of gas and liquid chromatographs for use in cannabis testing labs, ensuring that cannabis products meet the necessary safety standards.

Cannabis Pesticide Testing Equipment from SCION

SCION Instruments has a range of cannabis pesticide testing equipment including customisable gas and liquid chromatographs.

Cannabis Pesticide Testing Equipment from SCION

When performing residual solvent analysis our SCION 8300 GC or 8500 GC with S/SL injector, SCION Versa or HT3 Headspace Autosamplers and SCION 8700 SQ MS are your best option.

For more information on how we can assist you with your residual solvent analysis, please get in touch.

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