Guidelines for HPLC Column Handling

For best column performance, precautions must be taken when handling a HPLC column.

Column Installation

  • Before installing a HPLC column, replace the mobile phase within the full HPC system with new mobile phase (always check the miscibility of a buffer with solvent)
  • Using the flow direction arrow on the column, connect the column inlet to the end of the column
  • Gradually increase the flow rate of the mobile phase throughout the column
  • When heating the column e sure to pump the mobile phase at a low flow rate until the specific temperature is reached
  • Once column flow is established and the column is properly flushed, connect the column outlet to the detector inlet

Column Removal

  • Flush the column with 3 to 5 times volume of 100% organic solvent (50:50% organic/water for HILIC columns)
  • If the column oven is heated, turn off the heater and reduce the flow rate to 1/3rd of the regular flow
  • When the column oven is at room temperature, turn off pump flow
  • Remove the inlet and outlet from the column and fit the shipping caps
  • Gently tighten the caps

Column Storage

  • Securely store the column in its original packaging
  • Keep the column in a cool, dark space away from sunlight and extreme temperatures

Download our HPLC Column Guide

For more information and useful guidance download our HPLC Column Guide.