SCION Instruments, a global supplier of GC and GCMS instruments and chromatography data system, is pleased to announce new GC analyzer solutions which tailor the capabilities of gas chromatography systems to meet specific analytical requirements. The Company introduces the new analyzer solutions for GC on its booth #1644 at Pittcon 2017.

Building on a legacy in GC stretching back to Varian, SCION Instruments’ customers benefit from SCION’s unique experience in providing configured and custom GC solutions. Based on their 436 and 456 gas chromatography platforms, SCION Instruments has the capability to configure systems with multiple columns, switching valves and temperature controlled ovens. Their uniquely flexible GC configurations along with the huge body of experience in the company enables SCION Instruments to respond to customers’ analytical needs; no matter how complex.

For 2017 several new analyzer solutions are featured like;

  • The SCION SPT (Sample Pre-concentration Trap) is a very powerful tool to help chromatographers to perform low level determinations. The applicability ranges from environmental to gas purity analysis.
  • SCION presents a system for gas analysis making use of the latest technologies in instrumentation as well as column technology. The result is a extreme fast analysis with a large dynamic range, from ppm to 100%.

New application notes are available from SCION Instruments for all its new GC applications. To access a copy, download here. These new applications are launched to meet the needs of customers in the petrochemical, environmental and food safety industries, where the GCs are widely used. The application notes announced at Pittcon 2017 add to the extensive range of applications already available from SCION for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil & gas, food and environmental customers worldwide.

Hans van den Heuvel, Commercial Director of SCION Instruments commented, “These new solutions show our ability and determination to extend our position as a premier provider of GC application solutions. We are proud to follow the exceptional track record of Varian, continuing to address the petroleum and petrochemicals markets and expanding further into environmental and food markets.”

Visit SCION on booth #1644 at Pittcon from 5-9 March 2017.

For more details on SCION Instruments’ GC solutions, as well as service and support on new and legacy systems, please contact SCION Instruments.