Our Product Manager, Ian Parry speaks with Biofuels International about the importance of analysis, and the company’s drive to deliver customised solutions to clients.

Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are vital for the biofuels industry. “Gas chromatography is really important to a number of different sectors, but for biofuels it’s all to do with determining hydrocarbons and other components present in the biofuels people are making,” Ian explains. Biofuel has to be tested with gas chromatography before it can be physically sold.

According to Ian Parry, performing the analysis in-house can bring significant cost benefits. “There are a number of testing houses out there that will take a sample and analyse for a cost. But the need for gas chromatography with flame ionisation detection [the most common detector], is so great the impetus to have instrumentation on site is growing. We’ve found that the initial cost of the instrument is quickly offset be the number of samples that can be analysed, as well as the improved turnaround time – complete content analysis ca be done in s few hours”. SCION believes that every potential client has very different needs, and for this reason the key is a customised solution.

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