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LifeSpec II Lifetime Spectrometer

  • Fastest TCSPC instrument on the market due to zero temporal dispersion
  • Subtractive double‐monochromators result in zero temporal dispersion
  • 5 ps – 50 μs lifetimes (detector and laser dependent)
  • Extended NIR range – spectral coverage up to 1650 nm
  • Compact footprint
  • Multi-laser integration through two excitation ports; super‐continuum, Ti:Sapphire, and plug‐and‐play

Product Description

The Lifespec II is a compact, fully integrated, high performance, time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) fluorescence lifetime spectrometer designed for use with high repetition rate pulsed femtosecond and picosecond lasers. The system is a fully automated solution, combining hardware and software in a single package for fundamental research and routine laboratory applications. Its zero temporal dispersion optics, using double-monochromators in subtractive mode, sets the standard for technical performance in measuring ultra-fast decays.

This is the only turn-key fluorescence lifetime system on the market featuring a subtractive double-monochromator, which provides for zero temporal dispersion and allows the instrument to measure fluorescence lifetimes down to 5 ps with ultrafast lasers.

The powerful F980 software controls all the hardware and also analyses the raw data. With reconvolution, the software can reliably measure fluorescence lifetimes down to a tenth of the instrument response function.

Data acquisition modes range from fluorescence lifetime decay acquisitions and time-resolved spectra to automated time-resolved anisotropy measurements and automated temperature maps. The LifeSpec II in the standard configuration is supplied with one detector, however, additional detectors can be added. The LifeSpec II requires at least one picosecond pulsed diode laser (EPL Series), pulsed LED (EPLED Series), supercontinuum laser or Ti:Sapphire laser (with suitable pulse picker) for operation.

TCSPC for fluorescence lifetime measurement

Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement

The LifeSpec II is perfect for fluorescence lifetime measurement. For further information on the LifeSpecII fluorescence lifetime spectrometer simply contact a member of our sales team at We look forward to being of assistance.

Technical Specifications

Optical Configuration 90° between excitation and emission beam path
Mode of Operation Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)

Excitation Source Options All high rep rate pulsed sources such as picosecond pulsed diode lasers (EPL Series) and LEDs (EPLED Series), supercontinuum pulsed lasers and femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers. (Contact us for more information)
Lifetime Range 5 ps – 50 µs (depending on source and detector choice)
Detector Options 230 nm – 650 nm, 230 nm – 850 nm, 300 nm – 1700 nm (Contact us for more information)
Mechanical Spectral Range 200 nm – 900 nm (standard) plus 800 nm – 2000 nm (optional for infrared PMT detectors)
Spectral Band Pass 0 to 60 nm (computer controlled)
Temporal Dispersion Zero (negligible)
Laser Beam Attenuation 4 orders of magnitude, continuously adjustable (computer controlled)
Spectrometer Software F980 Software complete package for data acquisition and lifetime data analysis


F980 spectrometer operating software is at the heart of all our fluroescence spectrometers and is a fully comprehensive, user-friendly data analysis software package. Irrespective of system configurations, this software provides the user with complete control.

The F980 software is Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible and is based on a data centred design that enables the user to focus on their measurement. This guarantees ease-of-use in the operation of a modular and potentially complex spectrometer.Lifespec II Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer

Measurement set-up and data acquisition is made through an intuitive menu system. Key spectroscopic parameters are easily accessed through functional groupings, while common measurement routines can be saved as method files to allow previous experiments to be easily repeated. Tabbed dialogue boxes and particular scan parameters are always visible during set-up. The current status of the instrument is also continuously displayed.

A unique feature of the F980 software is that all modes of data acquisition, including spectral scanning and lifetime acquisition in both MCS and TCSPC modes, are controlled from within one software package. Modern light sources, detectors, complex sample holders (plate reader, XY sample stages, titrator) and cooler options (thermostated sample holders and cryostats) are supported and fully software controlled.

Upgrade to FAST (Fluorescence Analysis Software Technology) software for the advanced analysis of fluorescence and phosphorescence decay kinetics.