In their continued efforts to always provide ‘true solutions’ to real analytical challenges in their markets, SCION Instruments has released 25 application notes which are stored in the Application Library.

SCION will continue posting new and exciting Application Notes every month. This month they highlight two of their latest application notes – AN00023 and AN0024.

AN0023 demonstrates the SCION TO-15 Analyser that is specifically designed for the analysis of ambient air for the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The extended dynamic range detector of the MS and built in preconcentration trap, it is possible to accurately analyse a very wide concentration range of VOCs, even at trace levels.

AN0024 highlights the ChromSync comparison software used in conjunction with Compass CDS. ChromSync defines flavour profiles whilst comparing a reference standard chromatogram with a sample chromatogram. All peaks within the two chromatograms are compared with matching and different peaks identified. User-defined tolerance levels also allow batch-to-batch variations to be easily identified and monitored.

ChromSync is the ideal solution for the flavours and fragrance industries as it eliminates extensive manual processing at the click of a button. This application note details the variances in flavour profiles between different commercially available beers.